?? Accelerator Catchers
The Tool Shack is proud to carry the Accelerator Industries aluminum grass catcher.  The Accelerator grass catcher is the highest quality unit available today.  It is manufactured from high quality aluminum and is hand made by skilled craftsmen.  Their catchers use a unique door hinge that allows for easy dumping without the normal wear and damage associated with grass catchers.  The Accelerator catcher is designed to be durable and easy to use... it is certainly the easiest to install and can be quickly removed from mower...in mere seconds.  Because it is made of aluminum, it cannot rust like those other steel catchers and the bagger won't tear, rot, or fall apart like all of those cloth bag catchers.  The Accelerator catcher is the best accessory you can add to your mower and will give you an immediate return on your investment!

There is an Accelerator catcher to fit almost any mower in the marketplace...ZTRs, Walk-behinds, lawn tractors.  They come in five sizes: 3.3 cu ft, 4.15 cu ft, 6.2 cu ft, 7.5 cu ft, 11 cu ft, as well as an optional extension unit.  We've included a video and some photos of the catchers installed on various mowers below.

We stock several of the most common sizes and can usually ship one out quickly.  Average lead time is usually 2-3 days.  Most of the 4.15 cu ft catchers are $399 plus $35 shipping.  The larger sizes vary in price and shipping.  We will be happy to help you find the right catcher for your application and provide you with a quote.

To find a catcher to fit your mower, simply call us at (850) 934-1700 or click here.
Accelerator has catchers to fit various mowers, deck styles, and sizes.  Below is a list of brands that they fit:

Ariens                                  Hustler
Bad Boy                               John Deere
Better Outdoor                      Kubota
Billygoat                               Lesco
Bob-Cat                               Ransomes
Bunton                                 Scag
Bush Hog                             Simplicity
Country Clipper                     Snapper
Cub Cadet                            Steiner
Dixie Chopper                        Toro
Dixon                                   Troy-built
Encore                                 Walker
Everride                                World Lawn
Exmark                                 Wright Stander
Ferris                                   Yazoo
Great Dane
Catcher on Hustler Sport
Catcher on Husqvarna Walk-behind
Catcher on Toro ZTR