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Looking–up Parts / Locating Engine Numbers


When looking for parts for your equipment or engine, it is necessary to have the correct information about the engine.  Without this information, we cannot find the correct parts for you and we cannot guarantee the correct fit or suitability of a particular part for your engine.  This is due to the wide selection and variances in engine manufacturers and the thousands of different types of engines that they have produced and installed on equipment over many years.  

Engine Identification

Each manufacturer has a unique method of labeling their engines for identification purposes and, if for no other reason than a point of comparison, identifying your existing engine is a very important step in the process of selecting parts or a new replacement engine. This is especially true when making an inquiry by telephone or when you are looking for repair parts. Here are some examples of the various labeling schemes:

  • Briggs & Stratton - Model Number / Type Number / Code Number
  • Honda - Model Number / Variation Number / VIN Number
  • Kawasaki - Model Number / Code Number / Serial Number
  • Kohler - Model Number / Spec Number / Serial Number
  • Tecumseh - Model Number / Spec Number / Serial Number

As you can see, each manufacturer uses a basic model series that is combined with a "Type, Spec, Code, or Variation" number that allows for further identification purposes. The second series of numbers can represent differences in crankshaft sizes or any number of other options that must be considered. In some cases, even the serial or VIN numbers can indicate small differences between production runs of otherwise exact engine models.

If you are looking to replace your engine with a new engine from a different manufacturer, please contact us.  We can help you find the correct replacement engine for your particular application.  

Model Number Location

Engine model numbers can be located in a number of different places depending on the manufacturer and will typically be located somewhere on the outer portion of the engine shroud or housing. In some cases it will be stamped, engraved or printed on the engine block or on a tag attached to the engine and in others the info may be stamped directly into the outer housing or even a valve cover for some Briggs OHV (Over-Head Valve) models.

Note - For Honda models in particular, the model series is usually easy to find, but the all important "variation number" is usually stamped or cast directly into the engine block itself. (This can be very hard to locate, but it's definitely there somewhere.)

As a point of reference, we have listed some examples below.  These images show some of the common locations where identification numbers can be found and what the tags look like on engines from Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Tecumseh.

Note - For Briggs & Stratton models, click here to view a video about locating their engine identification numbers.  

Kawasaki - Engine Shroud
Kawasaki - Info tag located on engine shroud
Kawasaki - Engine Block
Kawasaki - Info tag located on engine block
Kawasaki - Close up
Kawasaki - Close up of info tag
Kohler - Engine Shroud
Kohler - Engine Shroud
Kohler - Close up
Kohler - Close up of info tag
Tecumseh - Before 2004
Tecumseh - Manufactured before 2004
Tecumseh - After 2004
Tecumseh - Manufactured in 2004 and later
Briggs - Heat Shield
Briggs & Stratton - Heat shield
Briggs - OHV
Briggs & Stratton - Engine shroud (OHV engine)
Briggs - Shroud / Vertical Crankshaft
Briggs & Stratton - Engine shroud on Vertical Crankshaft
Briggs - Shroud / Horizontal Crankshaft
Briggs & Stratton - Engine shroud on Horizontal Crankshaft
Briggs - Muffler
Briggs & Stratton - stamped on Muffler